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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  March 15, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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continue his bid for the white house .. he addressed the issue today he said that his staffers plan that so he came here and will be hereo for the watch party , largely northeast ohio area here is democratic . he's hoping to get that support today you voted this morning in westervilleg spoke to reporters and asked about donald trump's recent criticism of him and he said that he wants to win ohio firsthe man handle donald trump. >> midway through my day better
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forced, going forward talk about some of the concerns i have for the wayay that this campaign has been run by some others. >> will have to wait to see what that means he will be here tonight to see if he canil secure ohio . as a result of the race been so close, doing whatever he can to squeeze out a victorydo i talked to him one-on-one after hised rally. >> hola ohio, i have been to ohio a lot used to work here for along time had great success getting a lot of confidence was very young when this device while it is important to me the governor has not done the job,
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industries . iranian countries back . many other companies are coming backm to ohio, winning ohio, be so important . you see the enthusiasm has been amazing. >> to win ohio and florida together, have to see what happens, that's kasich on the nafta and devoted in favor of nafta it was devastating to ohio and now this is going to be worse going to lose your car andis the steel industry most of it is gone already . >> we are concerned about a brokered convention's claim if i
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that won't happen . we have a grade i would much rather focus on hillary .. imagine a more than any other state 35 percentt now the problem is the oil price is so well that you're going to have massive problems . we're going to bring jobs back. . it is a given that if trump went to florida and ohio that he will most likely be the nominee and that means today is known asan survival tuesday for ted cruz and marco rubio either focused on ohio, today is just
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>> senator rubio putting emphasis on florida and they say that he really needs to winis to stay in theed game, as for ted cruz he is second in total delegates . >> only two candidates who have aat plausible path, and to the nomination and takes 237 delegates . about 370 and he mp has 90 more than i do . everybody else is way behind. >> even if kasich was ohio, ted cruz could still hold an edge in the race as he tries to close the gap between himself and donald trump.heie >> host deliver a knockout blow before it shipped last to assure supporters he is in the race for the long haul. >> this really glossary joins us
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>> for an upset . at the hilton garden inn downtown cleveland or the sanders watch party is about an hour and half away, supporters aren getting ready and watch as the results come in . bernie sanders and supporters say are hoping for a potential upset against hillary clinton like in michigan last week . i sat down for a one-on-one with senator sanders friday in toledo he says it was his opposition to trade deals that gave him the victory and that ohioans would agree fresh from his recent court victory allowing 17 -year-oldsdso and 18 by the november election to vote in the primary, large voter turnout is key and he is popular among the young voters and supporters are starting to return after canvassing neighborhoods .e
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.th i would say after several days of going door-to-door, that he has a good chance people who are for him are enthusiastic . panicky feeling like this in michigan so let's hope. >> this is the layout, where they're going to watch the results as they come iner as well as the speakers . anticipate about 100 volunteers and supporters the event is free if you want to watch the results come inin here your more than welcome to do so . asked forr senator sanders, the campaign says he is headed to a phoenix rally to watch the results of self.
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up the out the nomination if she can win big . that includes in ohio.up >> responded to the suggestion that some ohio democrats may not vote in the democratic primary is bill sheil joins us with that story what is the concern? >> that some traditional democrats may choose to vote in the republican primaryay, how that would affect the outcomema . ohio is an open primary state . the cabinet which primary they want to vote in the go to the polls today campaign in north carolina gouda responded to a question, and i heard that some ohio democrats may be switching to vote republican for john kasich as a way to potentially stop donald trump's momentum. >> honestly and one democrats, to look at this electiono is who
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democratic nominee .. i think . allow people to vote in all these contests today. >> shows are living by about 17 points that they show her with a leap ahead of last week's primary but she lost in a tight race to bernie sanders. >> it right here for coverage of today'sit our election have more on the national race at 630 tonight real-time results starting at fox >> cuyahoga county election worker arrested after police say he argued with other workers and had a gun,o the supervisors spoke with lorrie taylor ..
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location .. tell me that she became upset after being corrected over how dealing with the voter . the police say that produced a pistol after arguing with fellow workers were on election judge says that he became so inappropriate he was asked to leave that's when he allegedly told a worker that somebody was going to dield and set his backpack and showed a gun . he is arrested by the police within minutes, the worker asked that we show her face was shaken , voters were troubled. >> i was terrified . i do not know what to do . there are children here, and we are working together about 40 people
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>> it is a privilege that we all have personal sense to have guns to. >> goal of those kids that were in danger, i do believe that something like that would happend . >> he was about three blocks away when he was arrested, they found the gun and some marijuana in his backpack he was convicted a few years ago on a charge of sexual impositionacac and not allowed to have a gun, there were elections as they don't do background checks there about 6,000 investors to possibly. thank you lorrie taylor. >> but another looks for help to solve the murder of her 15 -year-old son she shared the story with peggy gallek.1 >> i just really pray for people to step up to have a hard . to
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anonymous . >> she's been trying for the last yearar to get justice for her son . the 15-year-old high school sophomore was murdered last march 17th and >> said happened at this burger king last year the police believe that somebody saw something. >> happened about 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon lots of people here with lots of pedestrian trafficp and hope that somebody saw something. >> they say after he was shot he went to a nearby gas station collapsing, they say several teenagers were in the irking parking lot the suspect began shooting. >> don't know if it was someone shooting randomly. >> the rest of it made in the
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are not coming forward to. it was her grandmother would want someone to say something . but nobody is talking.wa >> it would offer to crimestoppers for information that leads to the diamond or arrest the victim's mother says she needs closure.o this is taking a big toll on me. >> peggy gallek fox 8 news. >> there's a new sheriff in town and he walks on four legs . this is milo, he was officially sworn in today to take part in courthouse security and start counting he and his deputy partner will help to fill in when neededal in the building,
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a tornado pursued the western part of the state not far from dayton beach were it for a roof of the worldb have several nearby barnes the weather service estimates
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110 mph . very lucky but no injuries . just around 2:00 o'clock tornado warning issued . the canalside, detested the skyline throughout north of the city . it's getting better in the evening,it discussing the breakthrough that moving farther south last he did have some sunshine official high temperature, it was around midnight, and just cannot break
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of sunshine . sunset at 735 you get away get away from the lecturer there was some sunshine .f the onshore wind this time of year that's what happens in the spring season .ha looking at the satellite, show you the breaks of sun . we're going to be watching showers and storms that will be very spotty . it will curl and overnight tonight once
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a shift occurring tomorrow . plaintiffs could see wind gusts so beware who profile vehicles . perry of the pressure inducing showers . the navy besides partly sunny stray shower to . gladwell's near 50 frame after about 4:00 a.m. . a few showers and we will have you covered in the morningou starting at 4:00 a.m. . your 60 tomorrow than falling into the 50s . a few random showers, that's with dentures back into the 50s .
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flirting, the rain/snow mix possible friday . dennis snowfall on monday . the wednesday voted 60s and partly cloudy . so much for the perfect west coaste road trip for the
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so what happened last night. >> they were beaten the point total was the lowest since the coach's first game as head coach .st they still look like they were gassed . they shot a lot of reporters that the nagaland has on sunday . they shot at up 10 and 42 from three-point land .th so let's get to the board and see what else is going on with the cavaliersgan to take on the mavericks tomorrow night with tipoff at 7:00 o'clock at the q.
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two games in florida friday and saturday . who do you like, akron or ohio >> i have had some nights there are off also marking can be beaten theth room were not sharp and the mactitle game the cost them and their coach keith dambrot a chance of at the big dance black ice have home-court and some signature windsds they been too inconsistent, lebron james likes the zips odds, also did not come up is the first for
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game between two of the last at-large teams with vanderbilt against wichita state . it is not ? pattern, the dean of three . then sent to come up with at past draft pick as compensation so they offer a high enough pic so why not just wait until april 1 and probably be released if not traded . the brownsns adam aaro davis in town for a visit he is the guy who got josh mccown and that the air helicopter shot
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.t local teams still alive with title on the line. >> what they but they have dreamed about the final four and obligations of boys basketball i-team's areli going to the state capital . they're seeking their third title in four years . sure earlier against landfill . and glenn, in division four, cornerstone christian academy facingfo wellington friday at the division i with garfield heights .
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. coming up at 630, team coverage continues as we enter the final hour of voting during the
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this could make or break some presidential campaigns more than 1,000 delegates up for grabs aplenty in ohio. >> ball drop is in the lead, about 100le and a ted cruz marco rubio and ted cruz are third and fourth 1,237 as needed for the nomination, no republican has won the presidency without winning ohio .e he pivotal state for both parties. >> they also have their eyes on florida illinois missouri and north carolina as a spiegel joins us. >> john kasich is pretty, that
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aap tight race with donald trump, marco rubio also in florida as thosen voters go to the polls marco rubio has vowed to continue with his campaign even if he does not win today he says he will continue hillary clinton expects to have a big day in florida and north carolina for one thing they both have in common is to take on donald trump. the message has never changed it has been the message of optimism .. i took on donald trump because i think he is disruptive to the
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conservative movement and his nomination assures hillary clinton elected as president. >> team coverage throughout the evening and bring you the latest at fox spin back if called from whence ohio tonight he could just cruise into the rnc . if the wednesday night. >> and bernie sanders could be a
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in michigan. >> he could pull that off. >> they said he had a 20-point loss in michigan, but what do they know. >> local races generated interest for the cuyahoga county prosecutor . >> joins us. >> timothy mcginty is opposed in the election by former cuyahoga county assistant prosecutor michael malley, judge mcginty campaign on the positive of his first term including tearing down hundreds of abandoned homes , eliminating politics of the office and new life to hundreds of old rape cases, michael malley campaignedt on promise to restore lost confidence in the justice systemem which claims a broken here and
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factors tonight will been how the prosecutor's office handled the parachutingic in the prosecution of michael brelo, he's taken some lumps for those two high-profile cases and they could make or breakt his reelection bid tonight . another element of the election and the race is that neither are endorsed by the local democratic party . today was the special day for time first-time 17 -year-olds were able to vote if 18 before the election in november they were excited and took the
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>> is a good experience, but i was nervous but they make it a nice experience. >> i thought that i would mess it up but i was >> first time this has happened in ohio after a county judge ruled in favor of a lawsuit asking for the change, belgium something else have been allowed to vote in the ohio primary but not for things like election of delegatesav . >> keep it here for more coveragege as they battle for votes in ohio you can get real-time results that fox
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we have temperatures above normal . sensitivities is not a huge ordeal because the normal is that 40s . on thursday the 50s . spring arriving on
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units of you had some sunshine that goes a long way . . plans are pretty light . it is colder at the lakeshore . the southwest had a 73 . and the clouds socked him for now . the next system right tonight or early tomorrow morning showers and maybe thunder then it will fall into the 50s . the winds pick up with a wind advisory for ottawa crawford county in the viewing
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into some partly sunny conditions midday . . can still see stray shower or two . rainfall will be after 4:00 a.m. . tomorrow, i temperatures reach around late morning that fall into the 50s in the afternoon . the look in at least some breaks in sunshine . rainfall amounts not impressive less than one tenth of an inch some could get up to one quarter inch by tomorrow night . more rain will be on the way . in between some
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patrick's day . on saturday sunshine on sunday will 40s . figure out why cars on the east site are being set on fire the jack shea has the >> residence on the eastside woke up early tuesday to discoverons many of their cars had been set on fire. >> in all, six cars were torched by arsonists , who struck in the middle of the nighth. >> there's some sick individuals , you have to be sick tohe come you don't know what the
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know what what has actually happened to those cars and houses are right thereha, people could have been killed you never know what could happen. >> this is the third time cars in this neighborhood have been set on fire in the past year or so, h some residents to speculate that these crimes are more random than vandalismul. >> he has lost close to the arsonists h and he smelled the stench of the organized criminal enterprisearg. >> seems like a chop shop or something they have in in order to fill and are trying to shop around at these cars are chopped up and take out the motors in parts of these cars. checking cameras in the neighborhood to see if at will
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them to identify them. >> jack shea fox 8 news. >> you have information called theo cleveland arson unit. >> strange murder for hire plot
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plenty of finger-pointing retained officials who are
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not protecting presidents, epa official is under the microscope she resigned as it got worse said that the epa did not do anything wrong . >> july 10, we issued our first statement urging residents to get their water tested. >> nova resident got any warning about dangerous levels of lead in drinking water, the fact that corrosion control laws were not being followed in flint michigan ,e . >> let me tell you, i'm sorry, there's a special place in hell for actions like this. >> michigan governor rick snyder expected to testifyic thursday in dc. >> sarah palin gives more details about her husband's accident.a >> todd palin was in a snowmobile accident in alaska
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ever since she had to cancel aa trump rally tears parent because her husband was in serious condition she puzzled face but says he has been in intensive care with a collapsed lung and says he's going to have surgery to repair some fractures. >> uber driver accused of a killing spree and kalamazoo, michigan sayso that the uber app made him do it, jason dalton charged with killing six people at three locations on february 20 they say he picked up passengers between attacking, he said that theheic uber app control him for his phone he says he opened that he would see assembledo and the devil said that's when the problems started ,, the kalamazoo police have released dash-cam video that shows the moment that they
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it renewed concern for the way way that the rideshare company screens at drivers, they said that nothing in his background flag additional screening. >> murder for hire plot in ashland county,. >> they said that a woman tried to hire a hitman to kill two people that turned out to be an undercover officer, as transplanting is alive of what led up to it . >> this that her intended targets were a six-year-old girl and hererd preacher father, the deputies acted quickly after attemptk that the suspect was looking for a hitman who is no stranger to the log.t >> they stop the murder for hire
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parking lot and. >> it was not a big deal she was just making a deal . >> they say that since winter of deborah matz but she was paidt a thousand dollar down payment it was an undercover officer, when she pull out onto east main st. she was arrested. >> her targets are a 13-year-old friend and his six-year-old daughter. >> she was determined and she wanted that done or she was going toto get it done one way or another . >> what is behind this alleged plot ? they say say that she claimed the two potential victims had blessed her relative and she wanted them killed.enen >> is not clear exactly what the implications was with both of them, but she was angry and she wanted these two people to
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>> the senator looked into her claim, and we went to the suspect's house. >> tried to talk to someone aboutut deborah matz arrest. >> called her attorney by phone. >> these charges are very seriousus, right now my client is innocent woman has not been convicted of anything. >> they say that she has past convictions for domestic violence and dwi, she is behind bars onwi half million dollar bond . >> they say that she appears to haveve a substance abuse issues she is scheduled to be back in court for arraignment tomorrow. >> kayakers capturing the subject of iphone camera to find an unhappy park ranger
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the shells were collected over a waterfall . there actuallyly some crazy stunts . >> they said that it was risky the thought that was worth of.
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do not expect people to be watching it was more of a personal gold resetet . >> they went to viral and they were cited for trespassing because they did and harriet bartss go swimming or boating, it'll cost them a few hundred
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glad that you hear, have election day the polls are still open for about another 30 minutes ll a big night for john kasich, he needs a win to stay in the race as suzanne stratford is angry at their heels to celebrate the victory later on tonight. >> have to be celebrating, donald trump, is to procrastination as he says that the launch of that the governor is called about the ohio primary to win the state .


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